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Hi, I'm Mary!


Mary Pérez was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She is the proud daughter of exemplary Mexican-American immigrant parents, Olivia & Pedro. She has the honor of being mother and father to a beautiful and intelligent daughter, Monique, and she is privileged to be grandmother of her beautiful and intelligent, baby-girl Allison, also known as “Allison, Princess of Power”.  Mary has two handsome and wonderful siblings,  her brother, Alberto, is an Honorable U.S. Army Veteran, who was deployed during the Operation Iraqui War of the 1990's and her sister, Olivia, is a licensed cosmetologist and small business owner. She has a beautiful and intelligent, niece, Osmara.  She has a beautiful and intelligent sister-in-law, Karla, a handsome and hard-working son-in-law, Danny, and a handsome and talented, boyfriend, Francisco.


Mary has the experience, knowledge, and education required to properly analyze, interpret, and apply the law and will serve Webb County as a full-time Judge beginning on day one.  Moreover, Mary earned the following degrees in Laredo, Webb County, Texas:


1.   Associate of Applied Science Degree in Real Estate from Laredo College, formerly known as, Laredo Community College.

2. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Texas A&M International University.

3. Master of Public Administration Degree from Texas A&M International University.


Mary Pérez has over 23 years of experience in the legal field.  In the early 1990s, she began her career as a legal secretary in the Law Office of Fernando D. Gutierrez, Jr. Thereafter, she was hired as a Paralegal at Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, formerly known as Coastal Bend Legal Services.  As a Paralegal at Legal Aid, she provided direct representation of low income clients in administrative and other hearings permitted by law, such as Social Security Disability hearings and Texas Department of Human Services hearings.  While at Legal Aid, she exercised independent professional judgment to advocate on behalf of her clients, investigated facts, uncovered and discovered facts, and conducted extensive research to effectively represent her clients before administrative judges. 

Thereafter, she was employed as a Paralegal by Snow & Laurel, LLP, Kazen, Meurer & Perez, LLP, the Law Office of Ralph M. Rodriguez, and the Law Office of Louis P. LaVaude.  All together, while employed as a Paralegal, she originated pleadings, discovery, real estate and other legal instruments.  Furthermore, she conducted research, compiled evidence and supporting information by reviewing and analyzing law, discovery records, medical records, and deposition testimony. Additionally, she identified located and prepared witnesses for trial/depositions, and prepared trial strategies.


In 2018, she founded M & F Technologies, LLC  in Laredo, Webb County, Texas. M & F Technologies, LLC is a multi-disciplinary innovative company that provides businesses and individuals with a unique, cost-effective approach to technology management. Their services include information technology support, computer repair service, website design, logo design, and photography.


Real Positive Change

I’m running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, because it’s time for real positive change to benefit our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

I have over 23 years of experience in the legal field. I have the experience, knowledge, and education required to properly analyze, interpret, and apply the law. And I pledge to impartially apply and diligently adhere to the rule of law in every case.

As your next Justice of the Peace, my decisions will have real world consequences that could mean the difference between helping lives and ruining lives. I pledge to exercise restorative justice when deemed necessary and address the primary root cause of the problems in every case to minimize reoccurrence.

*** We need new ideas, new evidence-based solutions, and we need to think outside the box.

*** I ask you to join me in leading Laredo in the right direction. 

*** Together, let’s make way for a new generation of leadership. 

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